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Become Living Proof Certified
Complete “Done-For-You” Systems, Templates and Protocols I Used to Build a Fulfilling Direct-Pay Practice
Less than 10 years ago, I started my first 
Functional Medicine practice from scratch. 
(In West Chester, Ohio of all places!)
Not only did I have the educate new patients, 

I also had to:
  •  Attract new leads,
  •  Achieve outstanding results,
  •  Balance the books,
  •  And handle day-to-day operations...
Yet like most practitioners, I never learned the “business side” of running a practice.
To fill in the gaps of the education system, I invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into studying marketing, management, staffing and automation.  
It Turned Out to Be the Most Profitable Investment I Ever Made... 
I now have TWO thriving practices
Both are direct-pay
And combined, they provide me with
a sustainable and generous yearly income
More importantly, they allow me the freedom to devote time to 
family, my community and personal projects.
Over the years, I created marketing systems, templates, ads and protocols that allow me to grow and scale my 
practice — effortlessly. 

These assets are still the most valuable possessions I own.

That’s why I’m highly selective of who I allow to 
see inside my vault. 
An online certification program that gives you access to the 
same templates, auto-responder sequences, protocols and systems I personally used to 
build a fulfilling, profitable functional medicine practice. 

Once you obtain your certification, your practice will be listed as a Certified Clinic

This alone gives you exposure to 250,000+ 
unique visitors every year. 
Only certified members of the Living Proof Institute get full access so they can:
  •  Attract an endless flow of patients
  •  Go from unknown to local Health Authority 
  •  Dramatically minimize overhead  
  •  Build a devoted team who exponentially grows their practice 
  •  Heal patients with new and unfamiliar illnesses 
  •  Create multiple streams of revenue 

James Maskell
Founder, Evolution of Medicine

“Dr. Sachin Patel is running one of the most innovative and progressive functional medicine practices in North America. 

We have been consistently impressed by his marketing, community building and business efficiency processes and so were thrilled when we heard about his new program. 

We have no hesitation in recommending it to any health professional wanting to build a successful clinic and accelerate health creation in their community.”
Inside the Living Proof Certification Program
Group Coaching Calls
Every week, we meet on a call with a group of like-minded clinicians. These group coaching sessions help you stay accountable and achieve rapid personal and professional growth.
  • In a group setting, you’ll get to review complex cases, so you’ll know how to address the trickiest of patients no matter what illness they have.
  •  Discover which supplements and protocols are most effective, so you can have more predictable outcomes with your patients. 
  •  Find out which Lab Tests to run in different situations that help to get to the root cause of your patients' health challenges. 
  •  Gain access to a database of Clinical Case Studies so you can learn from real case studies of patients that we’ve helped.
6 Private Coaching Calls
During these 30-minute one-on-one coaching sessions, we discuss your challenges and create an action plan to help you reach your goals. 
  • Two web-based, 60-minute group coaching calls per month that focus on how to gain new patients and grow your practice while offering a high level experience that turns your patients into raving fans.
  • 6 private 1-on-1 Practice Success Coaching Sessions to help you overcome limiting beliefs and break through that glass ceiling that most doctors hit.
  • Our hand-selected personal development books and resources to help you elevate your level of success in practice year after year.
The Practitioner's Essential Toolbox
Get the same ads, online funnels, email automation series and tutorials I use to efficiently scale my practice and raise my authority. 
  •  Done-for-you digital content, journal articles, and educational media that position you to be seen as a top health expert among your patients and local community.
  •  Copy-and-paste social media content to help you build trust and authority with your patients and followers. 
  •  Done-for-you ads that are proven to attract new patients into your practice. 
  •  White-labeled workshops so that you can immediately offer high-level education to your prospects and patients with pre-made content.
Proven Marketing Templates
Every week, my practice brings in 10 new patients. 
Get the exact marketing templates I use to attract an endless flow of new patients on a consistent basis. 
  •  A complete strategy on how to run highly rewarding community workshops and online webinars to effectively share your health expertise with those who need you the most. (This doubles over as both patient education and marketing.)
  •  Access high-converting ad copy, patient acquisition funnels, and nurture campaigns that help you attract and convert new patients into your practice.
  •  Gain special access and pricing to our design team to help your website and clinic stand out from the other practitioners in your community. (This saves you the time and frustration of hiring and training a designer.) 
  •  Save money on our recommended in-practice technology that’ll save you and your staff lots of time and headaches. 
  •  Access the top Social Media Strategy, Online Tools, and Best Online Marketing Practices that we’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars to learn.
Office Optimization
Get the specific protocols I use to dramatically reduce overhead, create a devoted fan base, automate admin tasks, train staff, and more.
  • Use done-for-you patient education, webinars, scheduling, marketing, and staff training that you can automate to gain more patients, generate more revenue, while you save time in practice.
  •  Discover the secrets to find and hire the right staff and associates who can exponentially grow your practice, and reduce operational drag. (We’ve used this to build a 14 person team where everyone loves their job.)
  •  How to lower practice overhead and save unnecessary time spend on administrative work that can be automated by using cutting edge tools that are easy to implement. 
  •  A comprehensive guide to running in-office workshops for your patients so you can educate your patients at scale and save time in practice. 
  •  Learn how to create an exceptional client experience to turn your patients into raving fans who send you more referrals.
Clinical Training & 
"Done-For-You" Protocols
As your gain more clinical competency, you become aligned with charging more for your services. That’s why, I don’t just focus on “Functional Medicine theory”. I show you how to apply that knowledge to your everyday cases. 
  • Eliminate clinical confusion with a series of Lab Test Interpretive Video Guides that walk through which Functional Lab tests to run, and how to interpret Lab tests to get the best results for your patients. (With this resource, you’ll learn from over 20 years of clinical experience.)
  • Gain access to our proprietary clinical protocols and the exact system that we use to get phenomenal results for those tough-to-treat patients who they feel like "they’ve seen everyone and tried everything".
Patient Care Package
Still have patients who quit before getting results? I break down the clinical protocols and patient education strategy I use that keeps patients with us long term.
  •  Discover the secrets of how to coach your clients to their unique communication style so that your patient compliance rates go through the roof, patients get better outcomes, and become evangelists promoting your practice.
Hear What Other Industry Leaders Are Saying About the Living Proof Institute…

Ben Lynch ND
Founder, Seeking Health

“Actionable, clear, concise, memorable and accurate. This is how I view Sachin’s ability to get his message across. 

He’s looking to drive change in how we practice medicine. 

This requires us all to roll up our sleeves and battle. Proudly, I’m right there with him.”

Matt Loop 
DC, Founder, DCIncome

“Dr. Sachin Patel is one of the most brilliant minds I’ve come across in holistic medicine. He has an outstanding reputation as a clinician and knows how to effectively communicate the message of health to patients and practitioners. 

Every morning I see Dr. Patel’s inspiring/educational Facebook posts come across my feed. He’s great at cutting through the noise and delivering the most impactful information that helps others improve their quality of life. 

That being said, he’s also a master marketer. I’ve witnessed his ability to fill community workshops over and over again. If you have the chance to be mentored by Dr. Patel, I recommend taking advantage.”
The Living Proof Institute Isn’t for Everyone
Do NOT enroll if you are...
Trying to “get rich” overnight.
This is strictly for ethical game changers who are passionate about serving their community.
Entering with a negative mindset. 
We are looking for ambitious practitioners who are truly committed to growing their practice.
Not willing to step outside your comfort zone.
To expand your reach and build a sustainable practice, you will be challenged. We’re only looking for practitioners who will rise in the face of challenges and not make excuses or place blame.
Member Bonuses When You Enroll…
BONUS #1: 
Exclusive Mastermind Group
Connect and collaborate with a mastermind of clinicians on the same journey as you. Together, you will share your wins, soundboard ideas and learn from other people’s experiences while having real-time access to clinical and marketing support from the Living Proof Team.
BONUS #2: 
The Ultimate Patient Experience Package ($2997)
Get first-hand experience of what it’s like to be a Living Proof patient. Not only will you get a front-row seat to the patient experience in a fulfilling and profitable practice, we will also support you in maintaining optimal health.
Frequently Asked Questions
Will you help me with Marketing my practice?
Yes! You will be provided with a proven marketing strategy that works for brick & mortar practices. This automated approach to marketing will help you gain a consistent flow of new leads and new patients. No need to "guess" any longer, with this system in place, you can be confident that you marketing efforts will produce results.

The program also includes done for you funnels, ad copy and proven strategies that bring highly qualified people into your clinic who are ready to take ownership of their health. There will be two live group coaching calls a month focused on business growth and marketing. To see a full list of what’s included, please click here.
Does your program include Clinical Training?
Yes, our program has 2 live group coaching calls a month that are focused on clinical protocols and coaching patients. You will also have access to videos, case studies and our Private Facebook Mastermind Group.
Do I qualify to become a Living Proof Certified Clinic?
You may qualify if you are an ethical healthcare practitioner who is able to order functional lab testing and give nutritional and lifestyle advice. 
How do I apply to become a Living Proof Certified Clinic?
Please review our sales page. If you feel you’re a good candidate, you may complete our application here.
Will you teach me how to grow my team?
The program also includes office optimization strategy so you can attract the right team, keep your overhead low, and have a profitable practice that your community loves.
How can I scale my practice?
We provide you with Effective Practice Marketing so you have a complete strategy on how to run highly rewarding community workshops and online webinars to share your health expertise with those who need you the most and effectively scale your practice. 
Do you provide Protocols?
You will be provided with our Interpretive Video Guides with our proprietary clinical protocols and the exact system that we use to get phenomenal patient results. Couple clinical training and protocols to help you to more effectively address the tricky symptoms that your patients come in with and to confidently work with illnesses that you've never heard of. Increase your clinical competency and confidence so that you'll feel good about charging more for your services. Many clinical education programs don't go beyond "Functional Medicine theory". We'll show you how to apply that knowledge to the cases you see day in and day out.
Hear What Other Practitioners Are Saying!
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